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The benefits of milk tea shop use paper cups

The benefits of milk tea shop use paper cups

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Now we find that more and more milk tea shops are not using plastic cups to use paper cups, of course, except cold drinks series, what are the advantages of paper cups? Why be accepted by so much milk tea shop, believe to give a tea to join business people to also be very curious about this? Below please follow the pace of manxue tea official website to have a look! 

1. Paper cups insulation excellent performance in the milk tea industry has just started to use is a plastic cup, drink milk tea friends should know at that time, plastic cups in the will appear with the hot hot deformation situation so even in the face of the plastic packaging of milk tea, until the emergence of the paper cup thoroughly solve the problem of milk tea packaging materials of heat insulation, whatever the season won't affect the customer experience

2. Paper cups are environmentally friendly. Compared with plastic, paper cups will be much better in terms of environmental protection. The rapid development of the industry lead to the problem of environmental pollution is more and more prominent, more and more sharp. Plastic cup also replaced by paper cups, tea packaging material updates made a positive contribution to reducing environmental pollution.

3. Paper cups are safety and health. Plastic in when they reach a certain temperature deformation, will drink the milk tea high temperature, we all know plastic produce toxicity, after heated will produce some harmful substances. Considering the consumers' health problems, so the milk tea shop are from the plastic cups to use paper cups.

Although paper cup is much higher than plastic cup, but for people's health and environmental health, paper cup is the most correct choice.